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LIVE on Meta Quest

Team up with friends for an adrenaline-fueled adventure in The Flip, a cooperative social VR shooter set in a city overrun by zombies - Flip City. Collect loot and customize your avatar as you battle for survival against Kreep and his horde of zombified Fiends. Designed for social, pick-up-and-play gameplay, The Flip lets you join games of up to four players and drop in and out at any time. Get ready to flip the script on the zombie apocalypse!

Future Tech Games is proud to bring you our first title: The Flip!

With a focus on the best of social gaming - from VR to console and mobile - FTG focusses on bringing you games that you don't just play with your friends, but that you can live in.

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FUTURE TECH GAMES - Putting people at the heart of tech ensures our games are fun, social, and cooperative.

All our games are built on tech created by our sister company Future Tech Labs Ltd. This powerful tech - ShapeVR - has been in development for over 5 years. Social from the ground up, we want every game we make to involve interactions with other players and a world they can live in.

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