Our Partners

Future Tech Labs is proud to be working alongside some of the most creative and innovative companies in the world.

Together with our partners, we can offer you anything from a simple public or private social VR domain to a complete social VR application. Your online VR presence can bring your brand, product and team to consumers, clients, and investors both seamlessly and quickly.

Our Multiverse Domains and ShapeVR Platform are great ways to get your brand online in VR quickly. And our commercial partners - listed below - are here to help you understand the opportunity, process, costs, and time-lines involved.


Future Tech Distribution

Commercial Partnerships

Future Tech Distribution is FTL's commercial arm for partnerships and enterprise solutions utilising Multiverse & the ShapeVR tech. Please contact FTD for any queries in this area.


Hotz Brand Consultants

Brand Management

Hotz Brand Consultants demonstrably moves companies forward and moves people and markets. We empower them to help the brand achieve groundbreaking results in value-added areas within the shortest possible time and thus to increase the value of their company and their products continuously and according to plan.

Located in Switzerland.



Communication & Marketing

Calydo stands for intelligent communication solutions with measurable effects. With the right strategy, agile measures and modern content, we have created real relevance for our customers and a consistent brand experience along the Customer Journey. With expertise in the areas of digital, motion, content and data analysis from strategy to implementation.

Located in Switzerland.


GAS Commercial

Commercial Partnerships

Helping FTL expand the commercial use-cases of Multiverse, GAS are both a great partner, but also a talented team for helping our clients define the best way to get started in VR simply, easily and successfully.

Located in the UK & France.


The Sports Partnership

Commercial Partnerships

Bringing years of experience in the sports partnership arena, James Williamson helps us create, develop & manage partnerships in the sports arena and more.

Located in the UK.

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Educational VR & AR

Together with Curiscope, Future Tech Labs is proud to bring Multiverse AR Posters to your schools and home. Curiscope is a team of dreamers, animators, game designers, artists and engineers on a mission to inspire curiosity. We craft mobile, AR and VR experiences that fuel imagination and make learning fun.


Star Chart

Award winning astronomy

Together with Star Chart's publisher - Escape Velocity, Future Tech Labs is proud to bring you the VR version of Star Chart to HTC Viveport and Oculus Quest. The HTC Focus version of Star Chart won the award for best mobile educational VR app of 2019.


Want to partner with us?

Future Tech Labs is a UK based industry-leading Game, App & Platform Development Studio.

For commercial partnerships in Switzerland, please contact Hotz and or Calydo. For all other commercial enquiries please contact one of our commercial partners in your territory (see above), or Future Tech Distribution (FTD) if there isn't a partner in your territory.

For all other enquiries, please feel free to reach out and talk to us about how we can help you achieve your goals.

Image by Марьян Блан | @marjanblan