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Multiverse  [VR]


Curiscope Multiverse Posters



Multiverse is an experience like no other. Come in and explore our first domain - The Planetarium.

Explore astronomy like never before - socially in VR with your friends. Learn about astronomy while navigating through awe-inspiring environments that showcase the solar system, its planets, their moons and other solar bodies.

Talk, play with rockets, chase each other through the solar system, play hide and seek behind Jupiter, all with no loss of continuity or social experience thanks to content streamed direct down to your headset. Seamless transitions and expertly-designed features make this a social experience not to be missed.


Explore Multiverse's "The Planetarium" in VR with friends.

Multiverse brings the simplicity of the web to social VR. Streaming content, Social from the ground up, and making the creation of VR domains as simple as web development. 

To get the ball rolling and show you what's possible with Multiverse, we've created the first domain:

The Planetarium.


Download Multiverse now on:



With this product we’ve really tried to create something that is truly integrated - something with hidden superpowers that blends perfectly into the environment. It was really important to us that we created a product that would look great without the AR features but that would be transformed when you view it through the app.



Brought to you by Curiscope and Future Tech Labs, Curiscope Multiverse Posters are a series of high-quality A1 posters, paired with a free app, that let you unlock your curiosity and discover the universe using immersive Augmented Reality.  View an animated cross-section of the planets and watch them come to life.



Our games are still in under wraps, so we can't give away all our secrets just yet. But come back soon and we'll have more to divulge.

Codename: ATC

Codename: 99 WTD

Codename: ETA

Putting people at the heart of tech ensures our games are fun, social, and cooperative.

All our products are built on our social VR tech - ShapeVR. This powerful tech has been in development for over 3 years, and focuses on putting people at the heart of software. Social from the ground up, we want every game we make to involve interactions with other players as you solve puzzles, survive challenges and generally fool about having fun.