Multiverse is FTL's Social VR Platform - it's a Multiverse of Metaverses. Social VR experiences that span both public and private metaverses, and reach across business, education & games. Come on in and explore!


Multiverse - The Business Park

Where corporations host their metaverses, the Multiverse Business Park is the future home of your business in VR. Come and join the increasing number of forward thinking companies that are already hosting their metaverses inside Multiverse.


Multiverse - Toonyverse

If you're looking to have fun in Multiverse, then this is the Metaverse for you. Toonyverse is where all the fun happens. Come on and join in the fun!


Multiverse - The Planetarium

Totally Out Of This World, The Planetarium is the world's first properly social VR planetarium. Come explore, learn, have fun and meet up with others in this wonderful virtual museum.


Multiverse - Real Estate & Architecture

For businesses looking to share their 3D property visualisations with others, the Real Estate & Architecture Metaverse is where you can host your public or private viewings in stunning detail and on both mobile and PC VR devices. Multiverse Real Estate & Architecture lets you share your property with clients, investors, your team, or even the wider public.



ShapeVR is FTL's social VR platform technology. If you're looking for tech to create your very own Metaverse or social VR game or app, this is the tech you want to be using.

FTL ShapeVR.png

Curiscope Multiverse Posters

Our Curiscope Multiverse app is a novel way to view and learn from AR Posters. Partnering with Curiscope we have brought you something unique and special. Great for schools or your bed room, get your AR poster now.

MVAR App Icon.png

Whether it's a game, app or platform Future Tech Labs has experience developing them all. Our flagship product is the Social VR App Multiverse which is available on PC & Mobile VR devices. For more information on our products follow the links.