Multiverse is an experience like no other. Come in and explore our first domain - The Planetarium.

Explore astronomy like never before - socially in VR with your friends. Learn about astronomy while navigating through awe-inspiring environments that showcase the solar system, its planets, their moons and other solar bodies.

Talk, play with rockets, chase each other through the solar system, play hide and seek behind Jupiter, all with no loss of continuity or social experience thanks to content streamed direct down to your headset. Seamless transitions and expertly-designed features make this a social experience not to be missed.


The first domain available in Multiverse is "The Planetarium".

Multiverse is social from the ground up.

Come in now and start your exploration of the universe!

The first domain available in Multiverse is "The Planetarium".

Explore Multiverse's first domain "The Planetarium" socially in VR with friends.

Multiverse brings the simplicity of the web to social VR. Streaming content, Social from the ground up, and making the creation of VR domains as simple as web development. 

To get the ball rolling and show you what's possible with Multiverse, we've created the first domain: The Planetarium.