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People at the heart of Social Software

The Future of Tech

Future Tech Labs believes that people are at the heart of all technology and software needs to reflect that. Our products focus on social interactions whether it's in games, apps or platforms.


About Us

Developers with a passion

Games developers at heart, we bring passion for making great experiences to both our games and apps. We believe that whatever you interact with, it should be slick, polished and bring a smile to your face.

Our team has experience in senior roles across game development and at some of the top studios on the planet. We bring our relentless passion for tech, art, design and leadership to everything we do.


The FTL Team

Future Tech Labs is a team of experienced software and game developers with years of experience developing top selling apps, AAA console games and more. Here you can meet the people at FTL who are living in the future.


Chris Cummings


Industry Veterans

We've worked at various top games & app companies across the industry. At these companies we've had the pleasure of working with some of the best talent in the world, and are proud to have helped create some of these magnificent games and apps, including: Star Chart, Need For Speed Hot Pursuit, Little Big Planet, No Man's Sky, Tearaway, Burnout Paradise, Black, NBA Street Vol3 & SSX 3.




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