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Future Tech Distribution

Future Tech Distribution (FTD) is FTL’s commercial arm. At FTD we want to make your company’s dreams of connecting to your customers in the Metaverse a reality.

Customised Metaverses are more accessible than ever with Multiverse. So dream big and let FTD make it happen.

We can quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively deliver a social immersive app, a public metaverse presence, or a private immersive business solution.


Future Tech Distribution can provide you with a variety of different solutions depending on your needs, budget, and timeline. From bespoke social VR applications to template metaverses for you to get started with today.

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Template Metaverses 

Our template Metaverses are ready for you and your team to get up and running with in a matter of hours.

With a set of standard environments to choose from you are able to customise your Metaverse online with your own images, logos & videos, then jump straight in and start using it... today!

Custom Metaverses

When you don't need a whole app, but want something special, bespoke and stunning to impress your clients, investors, team and colleagues with, then this is the solution for you.

Your custom Metaverse can include; private and public spaces, custom 3D models and logos, digital twin environments, custom avatars and a whole lot more. 

Bespoke Social VR Apps

If you are looking to develop a social VR application, we can provide you with tried and tested technologies that get you up and running in months instead of years.

Our team of award winning developers will remove risk, cut down on development time, and deliver a product that meets your needs. 

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