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Explore your Corporate Metaverse

Whether you're looking for a private Metaverse for your business to showcase content behind closed doors, or a public environment to let metahumas explore your corporation's public facing Metaverse, the Business Park is for you.

The Multiverse Business Park Includes

Reception Lobby, Meeting Room, Lecture Hall, the Terrace, Obeya Room, Waiting Room, the Control Room, and more.

We are constantly working with our clients to extend the features and room types available to everyone within the Business Park. From linking to Cloud services like Google Drive and Vimeo, to live-streaming from your PC's webcam or even desktop sharing directly into VR, the Business Park is your one stop shop for the creation of your corporate Metaverse.

FTLLobby 2021-07-08 12-09-53.png

Reception Lobby

The Reception Lobby is where your corporate Metaverse truly begins. With spacious meeting rooms, a gorgeous balcony, and stunning views you'll be sure to wow your clients with this impressive starting location.

From here you doors lead into the other areas of your meta-office.

Meeting Rooms

Whether it's pitching to a client or holding an executive meeting, the Multiverse Business Park Meeting Room is the perfect virtual meeting space for your corporate Metaverse.

ShowroomMeetingRoom 2021-08-27 08-44-51.png
BaseWaitingRoom 2021-08-06 18-41-48.png

Waiting Room

The Waiting Room is where your visitors start in your corporate Metaverse. A comfortable and beautiful area where they can be greeted by your team and invited into the rest of your domain.

Lecture Hall / Training Room

Our spacious Lecture Hall is perfect for holding presentations, training staff, teaching lessons or just sharing your latest holiday photos.

ShowroomWhiteTrainingRoom 2021-08-27 08-45-47.png

Control Room

The Control Room is a fantastic location to get an overview of your business, operations & projects. It's built to allow an overview of as many screens as possible, and provide your team with the ability to discuss in earnest the details while at the same time having an overview.

Obeya Room

The Obeya Room has been created for the purposes of replicating the best project management rooms on the planet.

Spacious, neat, and with clear view to many screens, the Obeya Room lets you and your team get an overview of your projects and their status instantly.

BaseObeyaLarge 2021-08-06 18-39-22.png
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