The Interconnected HUB of The Metaverse

Welcome to INFINIVERSE - the future of the interconnected Metaverses. Secure your business presence inside INFINIVERSE today.

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What is the Infiniverse?

The Infiniverse is the future of interconnected Metaverses, while the Multiverse is a browser of Metaverses.

The Infiniverse will become the best way of spatially finding Metaverses in a 3D world. A good analogy is the Internet. For "The Internet" to work, 1) a browser, 2) servers to host websites and 3) creators to create content for websites are all required. For the Metaverse to work, we need 1) a Metaverse browser (Multiverse), 2) servers and server tech (ShapeVR), and 3) creators of the Metaverses, which can be easily found. The created Metaverses are the equivalent of websites on the internet.

The Pre-beta version of the Infiniverse already exists. Today it is a persistent and populated VR world, where users actively participate in the creation of the Metaverse by owning properties, running storefronts, generating revenues, hosting events, and building communities and cities around them. Anyone with a VR headset can access the Infiniverse for free via the Multiverse app - a VR Social platform currently available to download from the Oculus Store.


Your Business Presence in the Metaverse

You can now register Storefronts and Skyscrapers inside the Pre-beta Infiniverse.

Regular Storefronts can be secured in the app with metacoins. The prime location Storefronts & Skyscapers, can be reserved via our sales team or reseller partners.

Contact us with details of your business and the Infiniverse address you are interested in. 

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Why a Storefront in the Infiniverse?

The main value of a Storefront is the increased discoverability & visibility of your brand and business in the Infiniverse.

You can promote and demo your products or services to the extensive Infiniverse community. In the past couple of months, we have seen 250,000+ properties and 1,000+ storefronts sold.


Storefront Fees

Storefronts are priced dynamically based on the population density of the surrounding area. Most of the registration fees vary between US$100 - 3,000 depending on the location. However, Storefronts in the most popular area - around the Grand Central skyscraper in Central City, are significantly higher and can exceed US$25,000.

Inside the store
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Storefront Registration

A Premium or above Metaverse Subscription Plan is required to be eligible for a Storefront. Storefronts below US$500 in value can be registered in-app with metacoins. Storefronts above US$500 can be reserved and registered via our sales team or sales partners. When contacting us, please provide your Oculus user ID and your preferred Storefront address in the Infiniverse.



Skyscrapers offer a unique opportunity to advertise your brand and promote your Storefront in the emerging Metaverse. Contact us to learn more about Skyscrapers and pre-sale discounts. If you have found a perfect location to advertise your business, please also provide the Infiniverse address or zip code.

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