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Infiniverse Zones – Acquisition, Management and Trading

These Terms of Service (these “Terms ”), apply to the acquisition, trading or other use of property, apartments, storefronts, plots, metaverses, rooms, land and other areas or zones (all known here as “Infiniverse Zones”) in Infiniverse or as otherwise enabled by Future Tech Labs.

  1. What are Infiniverse Zones?
    These are all land or zone areas (“Infiniverse Zones”) in Infiniverse which we help you to set up, and enable you to manage, customise, control access to and make discoverable in or via our Infiniverse Network.

  2. What is Infiniverse?
    Infiniverse is a metaverse network operated by FTL for discovering, accessing and otherwise experiencing metaverse related content, destinations and locations.  For more information see HERE.

  3. Acquiring Infiniverse Zones
    You may acquire an Infiniverse Zone from FTL in exchange for Metacoins as the first owner, or you may acquire one from another owner who wishes to trade their Infiniverse Zone. All transactions are conducted in Metacoins and are non-refundable. For more information see HERE.

  4. Trading Infiniverse Zones
    It is possible to trade your Infiniverse Zone with another person in Infiniverse who will then take over the location and its presence in Infiniverse and the metaverse environment itself. All transactions are conducted in Metacoins and are non-refundable. For more information see HERE.

  5. The value of Infiniverse Zones
    The value of an Infiniverse Zone on initial acquisition is set by FTL (in Metacoins).  The ongoing perceived value of an Infiniverse Zone (in Metacoins) and therefore the possible Metacoin value for which they may be traded changes over time as influenced by a number of factors, primarily around the popularity of, or other activities in, the area. For more information see HERE.

  6. Metacoins
    Metacoins are the in-game token used to acquire functionality or and experiences inside Multiverse and Infiniverse. You purchase Metacoins as in-app upgrades via, for example, the Oculus App Store. When buying Metacoins through an app store, the transaction is handled by the in-app transaction process and all such transactions are subject to the relevant Third Party Platform Terms.
    On other open platforms, or on the web, users may be able to purchase Metacoins directly from FTL. Metacoins are just a token and are NOT a real currency or cryptocurrency. You can NOT convert Metacoins back into a fiat currency ie you cannot cash out your Metacoins.  

  7. Buildings, Zones and surrounding areas may change
    Infiniverse is an organic and ever changing place.  We cannot control who acquires which Apartments or Penthouses, or which Infiniverse Zones, or what Storefront or other business activities may or may not appear, grow or decline in any particular area.  Whilst we will endeavour, in our reasonable objective opinion, to maintain the environment around your Infiniverse Zone in no less a condition or style as when you acquired it, we make no guarantees as to the future environment around your Infiniverse Zone, and these may change at our discretion, or at the discretion of those controlling other Infiniverse Zones.

  8. Managing and Customising an Infiniverse Zone
    You can manage and customise your Infiniverse Zone using the tools and functionality made available by us. You can also control access to your Infiniverse Zone. For more information see HERE.

  9. Content and Behaviour Rules
    All content, materials, assets and behaviour in and related to your Infiniverse Zone, is subject to and must comply with our Behaviour Code and Content Rules – see HERE.

  10. Disclaimers and Liability
    Please take particular notice of the Indemnity, Disclaimer and Liability sections in the  Multiverse and Infiniverse Terms of Service which for the avoidance of doubt also apply here.

  11. Other Terms, Policies and Rules
    In any event, please note that these Terms are a subset of Multiverse and Infiniverse Terms of Service, and Privacy Policy,  the terms of which apply equally to your use of and the functionality relating to the Apartments, Penthouses, Storefronts, Plots and other Standard Locations that make up the Infiniverse Zones.

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