Career Opportunities

The Future Tech family is currently hiring for a number of open positions - either remote or based in Guildford, UK. Please read the job requirements carefully and contact us if you think you’ve got what it takes to become a part of our talented family of programmers, artists, designers and more.

We’re always on the lookout for amazing new talent, so show us what you’ve got!

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Art Director

We're looking for a hands-on Art Director (or lead artist looking to grow) to establish a unique and recognisable look and feel for the slate of titles Future Tech will and has shipped. We are looking for someone who will help us achieve visual excellence and take on the myriad of responsibilities a startup has - from formulating concepts to supervising production.

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Character Artists

We're looking for talented character artists with skill in real-time & low-poly art. We need people who know how to make optimised art looking like it has a million polygons, have some technical skills, and can ensure the characters they create simply ooze style.

Level Designers

Does making something fun to play sit deep down in your bones? Are you determined that everything you touch is fun to navigate, explore and play in? Can you take a bunch of building blocks and make them into something unique and enjoyable? Do you see the matrix in the gaps between the art and gameplay? Do you have that magic tuning touch? If so, then please send us your CV ASAP.

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3D Artists

Can you make a few polygons and pixels look like a stunning world of infinite possibilities? Do you have that special something that makes people go oooh and aaah? We're building something special and are in need of great and experienced artists like you! If you're that person, please don't hesitate to give us a shout. We're looking forward to you joining us.

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Tech Artist

Are you the glue that binds the art team to the code team? Are you able to one and zero while also making things pretty? Are you the elusive Tech Artist every team dreams of? Well we're looking for you too! Come join us, and we'll treat you like the unicorn you are.


Gameplay Programmer

We're working on our own-IP VR-first Social First Person Shooter and looking for a mid-level gameplay programmer to join our team of highly seasoned and experienced code whisperers. We've already got some of the best of the best - but if you're aspiring to dethrone them, then we want you too! Experience in Unity, developing gameplay mechanics is a must.

Interested in joining the Future Tech team? Please contact us with your CV to find out more.