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Social Gaming in the Metaverse

Our games are currently all under wraps. So, although we would love to share with you all the cool, exciting and wonderful things we are working on, we can't give away all our secrets... just yet. If you come back soon, we'll have more to share.

[  ...or maybe you could just explore some of the deeper darker areas of Multiverse a bit,
and you never know what you might find behind one of our doors... ;)  ]

ZombieTown door.jpg



Codename: ATC

Codename: SO


Codename: BF

Skewlz Out Action Scene-sq.png

Putting people at the heart of tech ensures our games are fun, social, and cooperative.

All our products are built on our social tech - ShapeVR. This powerful tech has been in development for over 5 years, and focuses on putting people at the heart of software. Social from the ground up, we want every game we make to involve interactions with other players as you solve puzzles, survive challenges and generally fool around having fun.

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